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Cody Red

This is the story of Cody Red,

The story begins in Ida Grove, Iowa in August of 1986 with the birth of twins Cody & Casey Bengford, identical twins. I was 4 years old so.. I’ll just skip ahead. And just get to the point… Cody became one of my business partner, best friend and brother, we organized our annual fishing trips as well as our work schedules pushing each other to be better. And on October 19th my world and many of those around me was disrupted. Cody and Casey had gone out hunting the day before, but Cody didn’t return. See they had used kayaks to traverse into DeSoto Bend to setup their deer stands for bow hunting. Cody had tipped his kayak and was unable to recover with his gear strapped on.

While the ending of his life was tragic, the meaning I and many others have found in the totality of Cody’s life is not. While it was short he brought great joy and happiness to those who knew him. He showed a genuine care for everyone he met, and you couldn’t help but enjoy being around him. He loved his family, His wife and two girls along with the rest of his family. He loved the outdoors, baseball and life. So when my sister had wristbands that said “Love Like Cody” it really fit. Cody never missed the little things, he had his heart wide open and we will be forever thankful for knowing him.

When you have your next Cody Red, don’t be sad, rather “Love Like Cody”.


  • December 28, 2020

    Cody Red Reserve! Awesome tribute to a great man and his love-filled life. Looking forward to the drinking a unique one in his memory.

  • October 18, 2021

    Ooooh this is fookin good!!! Man we Europeans used to take the piss out of yanks and their goat piss beers but now you lot are having the last laff!!
    A worthy tribute to a man I never got to know too well but who left his mark even though he was taken way to soon.
    Seriously this will sell in New York and San Francisco and London, Paris ant Tokyo. It’s ace!!!

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